Considered a radio genius by those who worked with him in the industry, Bob Crane was a powerhouse in broadcasting. Therefore, it was inevitable for me to quickly become drawn into the world of radio as I researched Bob's biography. Through many of my radio friends in Connecticut, New York, and California, I learned not just about Bob's radio career, but also about broadcasting in general. My interest in and appreciation of radio—past and present—paved the way for something new and exciting for me.

After several years spent promoting Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography through public speaking engagements and radio interviews, I gained confidence I never knew I had! I found myself co-producing a podcast called The Bob Crane Show: Reloaded with Eric Senich, who hosted the podcast. I scripted the episodes, and with Eric's encouragement, also participated in many of them. The Bob Crane Show: Reloaded is no longer in production; however, this podcast allowed me the opportunity to find my voice, so to speak, and to become proficient in working with recording software, including editing and splicing tracks, and placing sound effects and position music. I will probably always panic at the thought of going on the air live (ha!), but I have come to thoroughly enjoy doing voice recordings, something I learned through podcasting. I'm eager to continue honing my skills and doing more work in this area.

 Jannetti Publications, Inc. Podcasts

As Director of Editorial Services for Jannetti Publications, Inc., I currently oversee the production of the JPI Podcast Series, which provides expanded content of JPI-published journals (MEDSURG Nursing, Nursing Economic$, and Pediatric Nursing). The Nursing Economic$ podcast launched in November 2017, and the Pediatric Nursing podcast launched in June 2018. Other podcasts in this series and for corporate clients are in the planning stage.

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 The Bob Crane Show: Reloaded

The Bob Crane Show: Reloaded was produced throughout 2017 as an extension of Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography. I am very proud of this podcast, and it means a lot to me. Many have told me it brought the book to life. Those who knew and cared about Bob, and who contributed to his biography were an important part of this podcast because segments of their recorded interviews were incorporated into the episodes. Most of these individuals are now deceased, and because they were dear friends to me—in some instances, like family—hearing their voices again through this podcast touched me deeply. While The Bob Crane Show: Reloaded is no longer in production, we will maintain the channel so you can listen to our archived episodes. Enjoy!

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